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Public Cloud Hosting

Public Cloud
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Our public cloud hosting solution, NTT America Public Cloud, allows you to provision, deploy and manage IT infrastructure on demand, with the security and performance you expect from enterprise-class solutions. The NTT America Public Cloud, available across four continents, reduces IT expenses by eliminating the need to pay for idle services while still providing you with the infrastructure to service both short and long-term requirements.

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Free Cloud Trial

To allow our customers to experience the flexibility and performance the NTT America Public Cloud can deliver, we are offering a free trial for a limited time.

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The NTT America Public Cloud is available in the US, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Hong Kong, and offers hardware-based security and scalability, complete customization and control, easy integration, 24x7 live support and 100% availability.

Enterprise Class Performance

The Best of the Public Cloud

  • Immediate Availability
  • Ubiquitous Access
  • Complete Flexibility
  • Automation through APIs
  • Enterprise Load Balancing

Enterprise-class Components

  • Security and Compliance
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Management and Control
  • Industry Standard Technology
  • 24x7 Support

Cloud Files

As well as server-specific storage, NTT America offers Cloud Files which enables customers to store and access data, anytime, from anywhere on the web. Cloud Files can be used as a standalone service or mounted on cloud servers, which offers persistent storage with unlimited capacity and has a full set of features that allow customers full control.


  • Dedicated enterprise-class firewalls
  • Two form authentication to access Customer Portal
  • Complete lifecycle management of all images
  • Dedicated VLANs


  • Self-management through secure Customer Portal
  • Role-based user permissions
  • Audit log reporting
  • Asset-based usage reporting

Industry-leading SLA

  • 100% network uptime
  • 100% data center uptime
  • 100% cloud resources uptime
  • 100% customer portal availability


  • Modifiable commitment plus hourly billing for burst
  • Burst resources include CPU, RAM, Network and Storage
  • Optional Managed Services including data backup, dedicated load balancers, IPS/IDS
  • Hybrid solutions through integration with Managed Hosting
  • Integrated optional private network services (VPN, MPLS, etc.)
  • Multi-tenant or dedicated environments
  • Database Images available


  • Enterprise-class technology
  • Tier 1 NTT Communications Global IP Network
  • NTT Premier Data Centers


  • Direct access to expert engineers
  • Online product documentation though Customer Portal

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Backup as a Service (BaaS) is available for the NTTA Public Cloud only.

BaaS includes the following components:

  • backup and restore systems, files and applications
  • self-service portal
  • choice of location for secondary data copy from any backup-enabled and configured MCPs
  • visibility into backup status, coverage and success rates
  • API addressable – fits in with your enterprise Operations Support System (OSS)
  • choice of preconfigured retention periods
  • choice of preconfigured backup windows

Service Options:

Cloud Backup Essentials

  • Backup and restore files and/or folders in-place or out-of-place.
  • Files and Folder restores are available as a self-service function through the backup agent helper application.

Cloud Backup Advanced has the same capabilities as Cloud Backup Essentials PLUS:

  • Backup and restore Operating System state in-place or out-of-place.
  • Operating System state restores are available as a self-service function through the Administrative UI and Cloud API.

Cloud Backup Enterprise has the same capabilities as Cloud Backup Advanced PLUS:

  • Backup and restore supported applications in-place or out-of-place.
  • Some application restores are available as a Self-Service function through the backup agent helper application; while others require a service request ticket to be submitted and operations staff will perform an assisted restore.

All backup plans offer a choice of retention periods from 14 days to 7 years.
All backup plans offer a choice of choosing a secondary location for backup from a predefined list.

Pricing for this service is listed on the Pricing page.

Key Features

The NTT America Cloud offers the availability, flexibility and community of the public cloud with the security, performance and controls that Enterprises demand. Key features include:

Flexible Public Cloud Pricing

  • Two pricing options—by the hour or monthly pre-paid
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Flexibility to minimize IT expense

Constant Control

  • Self-management through secure Customer Portal
  • Role-based user permissions
  • Audit log & asset-based usage reporting
  • Direct, 24x7 access to expert engineers

Cloud Server Options

  • Windows, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu and CentOS server options
  • Customize CPU, memory, & storage for each virtual server
  • Build custom servers for target performance & scalability
  • Additional premium software images available (SQL Server)
Provision a dedicated VLAN
in minutes
Configure firewall and set level of public connectivity Deploy servers rapidly for instant availability Scale quickly to match computing or traffic demands Manage all service aspects through an easy to use GUI

Public Cloud Services

The NTT America Cloud pdf

Learn more about NTT America Cloud Service in our service datasheet including service options, SLAs, and other important information.


Public Cloud Services Video

Public Cloud Services Video

Discover the availability, flexibility and community of the NTT America Public Cloud featuring the security, performance and controls that enterprises demand.