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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Hosting and Much More

NTT America's original focus was on the quintessential hosting solution—Dedicated Servers. For many years web hosting solutions revolved around the deployment and management of a Dedicated Server, however, with the trend towards virtualized server resources, IT departments started migrating towards an infrastructure that included both Dedicated Servers and cloud solutions. In response, NTT America has leveraged our infrastructure, management expertise, and strength in Dedicated Servers to expand into these new areas with innovative and reliable services. It's just one example of NTT America's responsiveness and value as a partner.

Our solutions are designed to provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) so that new infrastructure can be provisioned as the need becomes apparent. While many infrastructure projects require substantial upfront investment in capital goods and personnel, our IaaS approach lets you leverage the on demand NTT America hosting framework to meet your individual business needs without the large, upfront capital expenditures.

NTT America's IaaS solutions are built on four capability areas that can be seamlessly integrated for a solution that's tailored to your needs—Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Colocation and Managed Services. We also offer Professional and Support Services that can optimize, implement and monitor the solution and integrate it into your current IT infrastructure.

Dedicated Server Solutions – Our Dedicated Server Hosting solutions are based upon our global infrastructure and Premier Data Centers. Monitored 24x7 by certified engineers, we offer a variety of server configurations (HP, Xeon, Sun) and operating systems (Linux, Windows, Sun Solaris) so you can fully customize your Dedicated Server to fit your needs.

Cloud Hosting Solutions – These services leverage VMware software and NTT America's global infrastructure. Each of these solutions feature dedicated firewalls, load balancers, and on-demand provisioning for near instantaneous creation of new virtual machines. Since many of our services employ a utility model, you pay based upon what you need, making it the perfect complement to existing infrastructure.

Colocation Hosting – For organizations that want control of their own servers but the benefits offered by a carrier operated data center, NTT America provides Colocation