Global Security Management Service

Global Security Management
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Service Lineup

  • Secure Internet Gateway Service
    Provide secure single connection of corporate intranet to the Internet at NTT Communications data centers

    • Secure Internet connection via intranet
    • 24x7 comprehensive security monitoring of the Internet, intranet and hardware
    • Monthly equipment rental for optimal CAPEX/OPEX
    • Customized solution accommodating the customer's IT priorities
  • Global Security Operation Service
    Provide optimal security solution at overseas offices to protect entire corporate networks from internal and external threats for worldwide IT governance

    • 24x7 remote monitoring to detect and prevent virus infection and/or unauthorized access
    • All-inclusive global security service package providing all installation, rental, operation and maintenance of security devices
    • Timely consultation to various security risk of overseas business expansion

Service Components

NTT Communications' Global Security Operation Service's Site Security Solution includes:

IPS (IDS) Management

  • 24x7 monitoring and operation of Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) on overseas customer premises via Security Operation Center (SOC)
  • Exercise access control to protect computers and networks from exploitation

Firewall Management

  • 24x7 monitoring and operation of Firewall devices for Internet connection via SOC
  • Implement security policy to control access and traffic

Anti-Virus Management

  • 24x7 monitoring and operation of anti-virus server at Internet DMZ mail gateway via SOC
  • Real-time virus and worm detection

Quarantine NW Solution

  • Virus scan and anti-virus pattern file update of plug-in PCs before enabling their LAN connection
  • Detect and prevent virus infection via remote access and mobile PC users

Cyber Warning Alert Termination

  • Monitor and control USB connection and hardcopy production by PC
  • Prevent proprietary information abuse and data theft

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