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Managed Private Networks and Data Center Services

Global Customer Portal at

Monitoring performance and making changes quickly are key requirements for managing your IT infrastructure. The NTT Communications Global Customer Portal delivers an integrated experience with unprecedented detail in an easy to use interface.

With a single glance at your dashboard you have a window into the status of your services, the health of individual components and the status of open orders and trouble tickets. Throughout the portal, graphical representation of services allows for intuitive navigation enabling you to access your data quickly. Your data is secure and always available when you need it.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Detail

Multiple service monitoring components and reporting tools provide a comprehensive view of your IT infrastructure, including:

  • Overall health of your system with a view of your network and devices, and color coded status.
  • Real-time alerts, network health and usage
  • Storage capacity, recovery capacity and usage

Solution Management

The Global Customer Portal allows you to manage all aspects of your services. Examples include:

  • Add, remove and update managed servers
  • Create, delete and configure vApps and Virtual Machines
  • Security policy updates and changes
  • Add/remove colocation services or order Remote Hands services
  • Add network examples
  • ...and much more

Support Around The Clock

Access the support ticketing system, and review system notices and detailed technical information:

  • Submit billing, administrative and support tickets
  • Search and review open and closed tickets
  • Engage Professional Services or our service engineers
  • View service announcements, maintenance notifications, alerts and more
  • Browse the extensive document library

Secure Management

Role-based permissions with primary Admin provides secure Portal access to management tools such as:

  • Add and edit users giving various permission levels
  • Account and contract information
  • Bill payment and historical data

Internet Networking Services

U.S. Customer Zone at

In our continuing effort to provide you the best customer service, we are pleased to make available the NTT Communications U.S. Customer Zone.

The U.S. Customer Zone is a user friendly web portal that allows you to access a wide variety of information about your account. On the site you can find:

  • Billing information - Whether you want to update or modify your contact information, make payments, or simply review your past invoices. All of this can be done in the billing section.
  • Trouble Ticketing - If you have a technical or billing issue that needs to be addressed you can simply open a trouble ticket, and we will begin working on the problem. Additionally you can review and post trouble tickets.
  • Usage Tracking - We provide you with a visual representation of your usage through usage graphing. Easily pull up daily, monthly, or yearly graphs of your bandwidth usage.
  • Network Performance - View real-time network performance and SLA information by region.
  • Additional Services - If you have other NTT Communications products, including IntelliSecurity or Smart Content Delivery™, you can also easily monitor these through the U.S. Customer Zone.
  • NOC Customer Survey - Please let us know how we're doing with customer support by filling out our survey. Your feedback is important to us.

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