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October 10, 2001

NTT America Launches New Service That Helps Companies Leverage The Power Of The Internet For Seamless Global Business

NEW YORK, NY - NTT America, the U.S. subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation, the international and long distance service arm of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, the largest telecommunications company in the world, today announced the availability of its Arcstar Global IP-VPN service to businesses in the United States. This service provides carrier-class reliability and security coupled with the ubiquity and cost savings offered by the Internet. The Arcstar Global IP-VPN service is a low cost solution for flexible yet global IP communications that addresses the network performance and security concerns of the enterprise user. The NTT Arcstar IP-VPN network spans more than 50 countries worldwide and represents one of the most expansive, wholly owned data-communications networks in the world.

"Our clients are competing in a global marketplace and therefore need a carrier that can provide more than 'finger tip' access to overseas markets through a patchwork of strategic relationships. They want a carrier that has a strong grasp of each market," says Dave Ryan, EVP, NTT America. "As part of the largest telecommunications carrier in the world, NTT America is in the best position to provide IP-VPN services to large multinational organizations. The expansive NTT network and the company's solid reputation for excellence give clients the much-needed stability they look for when it comes to their data network."

The Arcstar global IP-VPN service was developed in response to customer demand for a solution that marries the ubiquitous nature of the Internet with the reliability, security and guaranteed service of a carrier-controlled network. The Arcstar IP-VPN service also satisfies the varied needs of businesses by providing a complete solution that leverages multiple IP-VPN technology approaches including MPLS and IPSec. As a result of NTT's acquisition of and close collaboration with Verio, NTT America's enterprise customers can access Verio's IPSec capabilities.

NTT America's Arcstar IP-VPN service includes:

High security
Thanks to NTT's Arcstar IP-VPN technology, each corporate network is allocated a unique label or identifier, thereby realizing network exclusivity and high security for each NTT client.

A commitment to quality and reliability
The NTT Arcstar IP-VPN offering ensures network reliability through a duplex backbone, network construction and redundancy. NTT also stands behind its work by providing clients with clearly written service level agreements that ensure uptime and accountability.

Instantly realized cost reduction
Thanks to NTT's unique "plug-in" network, customers can enjoy significant cost savings by having the ability to simply "plug-in" to the Arcstar global IP-VPN network from any site.

Dedicated, 24/7 support
NTT clients enjoy the luxury of having their networks operated and managed on a global basis by the NTT staff, freeing customers to focus on their larger business objectives instead of their company's network connectivity. Supervision and maintenance is provided round-the-clock, 365 days a year.

Technology based on client need
NTT offers clients many access methods based on their varied needs including leased line, frame relay, ATM, LAN, MPLS or IPSec protocols.

Local, flexible and expandable network
The Arcstar global IP-VPN service provides super gigabit-class high-speed routers in Asia, the United States and Europe. In addition, the NTT IP-VPN network can easily handle network expansion such as increasing overall network speed.

NTT America's IP-VPN offering is the latest action to secure NTT Communications' vision of a "Global IP Company," with a Global Tier 1 network and data centers worldwide.

About NTT America
NTT America, Inc. is North America's natural gateway to the Asia Pacific, the world's fastest growing market. As a leading provider of global business connectivity, NTT America provides world-class network services and support, as well as unmatched market knowledge that enables companies to expand their business throughout Asia and around the world. NTT America's Arcstar family of services includes managed network services, systems integration, collocation, and 24-hour support as well as a single point of contact for reliable end-to-end connectivity.

About NTT Communications
NTT Communications, a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, provides long distance and international telecommunications reaching over 200 countries worldwide. Headquartered in Tokyo, NTT Communications' Arcstar services operate in about 50 countries and have significant presence in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. Arcstar global services provide managed data, multimedia and Internet services to some of the largest companies in the world. NTT Communications, with the OCN brand, is already one of the largest ISPs in Japan. Together with Verio, the Denver-based global tier one ISP acquired last September, NTT Communications will immediately provide customers of all sizes in the U.S., Japan, and throughout Asia with a complete range of Internet-based business services - from high-quality IP network services including global connectivity, network management and IP-VPN, to advanced Web-based business solutions, including Web-hosting and e-commerce platforms. For more information about NTT Communications, visit the company's Web site at

For more information or to speak with a NTT America executive, please contact:

Meghan Fuller
GCI Group

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