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November 27, 2006

SoftLayer Upgrades Backbone to 10GigE Leveraging NTT Communications Global IP Network

Dallas, TX – NTT America, Inc., a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation, announced today a major upgrade in its client’s core infrastructure using NTT Communications Global IP Network. SoftLayer Technologies, a leading on-demand hosting provider, implemented new 10GigE router installations from Cisco and direct 10 gigabit Ethernet (10GigE) backbone connections to NTT Communications. The upgrade allows SoftLayer to move away from multiple single-gigabit backbone connections to larger and more robust 10GigE connections, which will improve overall performance and long term network manageability.

“Our early adoption of 10GigE proves our commitment to maximum performance and network scalability. SoftLayer led the industry by offering full gigabit Ethernet connections to every server and is now one of the first hosting providers to move to 10GigE backbone connections,” said Ric Moseley, vice president of engineering at SoftLayer.

SoftLayer selected NTT Communications Global IP Network as the cornerstone of this upgrade installation due to its worldwide reach, jitter-free connection, and low latency to all points around the globe. The upgrade will allow SoftLayer to provide a higher quality of service for video, streaming audio, voice over IP, and other emerging Web 2.0 technologies.

“We welcome Softlayer to the NTT Communications Global IP Network (GIN). We have gone to great lengths to build the leading global IP network with financially-backed service level agreements (SLAs), IPv6, and a level of engineering second to none,” stated Kazuhiro Gomi, vice president of GIN business unit at NTT America. “Our 10GigE service is squarely targeted at leading hosting providers, broadband providers and content distributors requiring the ability to move massive amounts of data as quickly and as efficiently as possible.”

“For our customers, the upgrade to 10GigE with NTT Communications Global IP Network solidifies network stability, performance and long term scalability,” concluded Mr. Moseley. “SoftLayer continues to push forward with emerging technologies to bring our customers the best services available.”

About NTT America
NTT America is North America’s natural gateway to the Asia-Pacific, with strong capabilities in the US market. NTT America is the U.S. subsidiary of NTT Communications, the global data and IP services arm of the Fortune Global 500 telecom leader: Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation (NTT). NTT America provides world-class Enterprise Hosting, network, and IP networking for global enterprises and service providers. For additional information on NTT America, visit us on the web at, by calling 877-8NTT-NET, or by email us at

About SoftLayer Technologies
Located in the INFOMART in Dallas, Texas, SoftLayer was formed in June 2005 by a team of industry executives seeking to deliver low cost next generation on-demand hosting services for the small to medium enterprise (SME). Utilizing proprietary software, coupled with the industry’s first network-within-a-network topology, the company delivers unprecedented power and control to securely manage IT environments while providing unparalleled scalability. For more information please visit or call 866.398.7638.

Jennifer McCullam
Financial Dynamics on behalf of NTT America

Steven Canale
SoftLayer Technologies

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