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Managed Services

Managed Hosting


Hosted server hardware and software solutions with flexible hosting packages to satisfy your low, mid or high-end infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS) needs. 


Data center operations are protected by multiple layers of defenses to ensure your IT systems are never compromised. 


Over 140 state-of-the-art, highly secure global data centers connected to our world-class network let you place applications close to markets that need them.

Features and Benefits

Dedicated Servers
Performance and Availability

Our Managed Hosting services give your IT infrastructure a reliable foundation. We offer Windows, Linux and custom hosting options, based on HP ProLiant and Sun hardware platforms. You can customize server hardware with processors, memory, drive capacity and storage controllers.

Our Managed Hosting solution offers:

  • Direct connection to IPv6 compliant, Tier 1 global IP backbone
  • Carrier-class uninterruptible and backup power
  • Security guards on premises
  • 24x7 monitoring and maintenance
  • Services are designed to support small to very large IT operations
  • Full range of solutions to meet all price points
  • Engineering staff to help meet specific technical requirements
Why HP ProLiant Servers?

We have a strong relationship with Hewlett-Packard, one of the industry's most respected technology solution providers.

HP's ProLiant server solutions offer the performance and reliability of multi-core processors and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) storage as standard architectures on most servers.

  • Certified to operate with Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows 2008, Microsoft Windows 2008 R2, Microsoft Windows 2012 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux v5 or v6 operating systems
  • Standard pre-installed software for all Microsoft Windows Server 2003 packages
  • Flexible options for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 depending on the server role chosen
  • Standard pre-installed software and applications for all Red Hat Enterprise Linux v5 or v6 packages
  • Custom configurations to meet your business requirements
Why Oracle Sun SPARC Servers?

Oracle Sun SPARC servers and our Managed Hosting service offer a true enterprise class hosting solution, with the reliability, scalability and predictability required by businesses. Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise servers running Oracle Solaris are ideal for mission-critical applications that require best-in-class availability, scalability and manageability.

We offer three Oracle Sun SPARC Server packages, Essential, Enhanced and Elite. All packages can be customized to meet your requirements.

Oracle Sun SPARC servers offer:

  • More efficient power, cooling, and space consumption
  • Best-in-class reliability, availability, serviceability, and security
  • Most complete and integrated virtualization and consolidation capabilities
  • Seamless scalability within a single server family and operating system
  • The Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series offers mainframe-class capacity and availability for complex processing requirements
Dedicated Servers


Our fast HP ProLiant series servers feature dual Xeon processors and have options for additional memory and RAID to further enhance performance. You have a choice between Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux v6) and Windows server (Windows 2008 R2) solutions, with native clustering and Veritas Cluster Server from Symantec supported.

Our high-performance Managed Hosting server solutions include administrative access privileges, dedicated IP addresses, a minimum fixed monthly bandwidth allocation and access to our customer portal.


We offer a Managed Hosting high-availability solution that is engineered for redundancy, with no single point of failure. This gives your servers resilience across all major solution components — hardware, software, connectivity and power.

The key to high availability is providing alternative paths in the event of a failure. Our safeguards include:

  • Clustered servers
  • Connectivity with no single point of failure
  • Storage area network (SAN) services to eliminate the possibility of data loss
  • Data centers are engineered for high availability and include redundant power, 24x7 monitoring and stringent security precautions
  • Direct access to technical support
  • Data center facilities are protected by digital and physical security measures 

Our data centers are staffed 24x7 and provide unrivalled physical security, including bulletproof glass, biometric hand scans, controlled man-traps and digitally recorded closed circuit video. All facilities are equipped with fire suppression systems that work in collaboration with heat and smoke detectors and continuous air sampling systems. Many data centers are seismically isolated and able to withstand the affects of an earthquake.

Our world class data centers are managed around the clock by certified engineers at our Certified Engineering Center (CEC). You have direct, 24x7 access to engineering support. 

Service Level Commitments

We design our data centers and server platforms for resilience and robustness, but on occasion components will wear out. To help mitigate the effects of such an event, we offer a stringent hardware service level agreements (SLAs). Additionally, our data centers are engineered to preserve the most reliable connectivity and capacity to the Internet. We assure you of the following performance: 

  • Our IP network is free of network outages 100% of the time
  • Packet loss will not exceed 0.1%
  • Latency will not exceed 50 milliseconds for the North American network, 90 milliseconds for the Trans-Atlantic network and 130 milliseconds or less for the Trans-Pacific network

Customer Portal

Our online customer portal enables you to monitor the performance of your managed infrastructure and make changes quickly and easily. The customer portal offers:

  • Monitoring for multiple services
  • Access to the trouble ticketing system
  • Status for all services and open orders
  • User and account management 

Appropriate stewardship of the environment is becoming a concern for many organizations. Responsible businesses are taking proactive measures to assess their contribution to the problem of global warming and institute corrective measures. At NTT America, we are taking a leading role in establishing good business practices for data centers and we have implemented a company-wide action plan to reduce harmful contributions to global warming.

Greener Data Centers

The Green Initiative is a company-wide strategic program that aims to lower emissions from our commercial data centers, establish good environmental practice and discipline throughout our corporate operations, and encourage customer participation and partnership. We have completed an extensive audit of our data centers, examining all aspects of power consumption, cooling requirements, heat dispersion and overall impact on the environment. Future operational improvements will be driven by these key business and performance metrics.

Establishing an Action Plan

Our long-term environmental strategy and planning is the result of multiple assessments by leading experts in the industry, including The Green Grid. The Green Grid is an influential industry consortium representing IT manufacturers and data center providers. It addresses the issue of facility and hardware efficiency as well as standardization, ratings and regulation. 

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