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Managed Services

Managed Network Services


Optimize performance of your web and application hosting with our managed Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Hosted Load Balancing.


100% uptime guarantee, in addition to certified engineers and 24x7 direct access to phone support.

Great value

One price for both streaming and HTTP traffic through our CDN and flexible, cost-effective options on our Hosted Load Balancing service. 

Features and Benefits

Managed Services
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Hosted Load Balancing

Take advantage of our advanced managed network services and state-of-the-art global infrastructure to speed the delivery of your application and web traffic, optimize your server resources and reduce networking costs. Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) service and Hosted Load Balancing benefit you with:

Server Optimization

  • Smart routing eliminates need to purchase extra servers for peak traffic
  • Optimize capacity from existing server resources
  • Enables applications and services that depend upon rich media
  • Eliminate capital expenditures & additional staff requirements

Award-Winning Support

  • Monitored by Certified Engineering Center (CEC)
  • 24x7 direct access phone support
  • Customer portal with comprehensive reporting and performance measurement
  • Industry leading service level agreements (SLAs)

Our advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology delivers information to your end-users 25% faster than other leading CDNs. We also give you a 100% uptime service-level guarantee.

Your content is reliably replicated to our globally dispersed cache, moving information closer to your users and reducing the load on your servers. CDN automatically routes users to either the closest cache or the cache with the fastest response. You can deploy a range of bandwidth-intensive applications, like streaming media, at a fraction of the cost.


Hosted Load Balancing gives you the ability to dynamically route traffic to different servers during times of high traffic volatility, server outages or infrastructure expansion. Load balancing ensures you provide consistent network performance and optimized use of available resources.

We offer two load balancing configurations.

Shared Load Balancing

Shared Load Balancing offers an entry-level service when you need to manage growing application volume and minimize exposure to equipment failure, but want to maintain greater cost flexibility. The solution is designed for multiple tenants, offsetting the cost of dedicated load balancing equipment, and delivers complete isolation and security for your network traffic. Pricing is per-server. 

Dedicated Load Balancing

If you have high traffic demands, need load balancing for multiple servers or require customization, our Dedicated Load Balancing solution gives the performance and flexibility you need. The service provides two switches, a master and a hot standby, to ensure maximum reliability, and offers a high degree of customization, to support features like cookie insertion and priority queuing.

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